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About one-third of Americans don’t brush their teeth twice a day, and the same number never floss. If you skip brushing your teeth for just a couple of days, it can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing and flossing is your best defense against the plaque and bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Getting professional teeth cleaning twice a year by the dental team at Eberhardt Dentistry is another crucial step in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Regular teeth cleaning by Eberhardt dental hygienists will help identify dental problems before they become serious. Daily brushing combined with periodic professional teeth cleaning is the best path to oral health.

Proper Brushing and Flossing Techniques

Good oral hygiene starts at home. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing twice a day and flossing at least once daily. Brushing and flossing remove food and plaque from your teeth. Plaque contains bacteria that produce acids, which breaks down teeth and causes cavities. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, plaque can harden into a substance called tartar. A buildup of tartar can result in gum disease.  By brushing your teeth twice a day for about two minutes each time after flossing, you will prevent dental health issues. The following are the best tooth brushing practices at home:
  • Put a small amount of fluoride toothpaste on the brush
  • Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to your gum line
  • Use a circular motion to brush the inner and outer surfaces
  • Use a back and forth movement on chewing surfaces
It’s best to floss before you brush your teeth to loosen food and other materials. When flossing, use a sawing motion to guide it between teeth. Don’t saw the floss into your gums, but gently pull the floss along your tooth surface to remove bacteria.

Benefits of Professional Dental Cleaning

According to the ADA, you should visit a dentist for a checkup, x-rays, and teeth cleaning twice a year. Teeth cleaning is painless and part of routine dental exams. Teeth cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist has many benefits beyond giving you a brighter smile, including:
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  • Prevents gum disease and cavities:  A professional teeth cleaning utilizes high-speed instruments to eliminate plaque and tartar.
  • Helps identify oral health issues: Dentists can prevent cavities, gum disease, and conditions like oral cancer from advancing when caught early. Regular teeth cleanings allow your dentist to check the overall health of your mouth. Cleanings include a fluoride treatment for an added level of protection.
  • Improves your health overall: Cavities and gum disease are painful, but they also can lead to other health problems. Researchers have found that bacteria that cause gum disease can lead to heart and lung disease. Mouth infections can spread through your bloodstream. Dentists can reduce your health risks through regular dental care.

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Preventative oral care is essential to dental health. The Eberhardt Dentistry team of Akron, OH, is skilled in preventive oral health care, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. Schedule teeth cleaning appointment by calling 330-836-5585.